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аналізуйте великі дані та ставте власні запитання аудиторії


LibertyReport.ai Platform is backed with smart assistant Handy.аі.

Leverage Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to find the answers you want in just a few clicks. Every time you use our algorithm - it becomes even better and more efficient for you.
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Всего несколько кликов к правильному решению

Data Visualization

Evident visualization of the results
Libertyreport.ai poll is available at the national and regional level

• for all the Ukrainians aged 14+
We conduct research using two major techniques: on-line Liberty report poll, and phone call interviewing in the proportion of 70/30. The phone call interviewing allows you to get in touch with respondents who are not using the Internet. This method is called "MIXED-MODE". It helps reach a maximum wide audience including the respondents who are hard to reach.
for Internet audience (smartphones, tablets, desktops).

All the data is provided in a handy form, available for visualization and on-site statistical analysis.

Uploading data to SPSS

Support the statistical processing with uploaded data


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Immediate response

Carry out real-time research and get immediate answers to your questions.


The data provided depicts the 14+ Ukrainian audience based on gender, origin, size, and type of the resident area.

100% reliable

All the participants of the poll are verified and collect their own answering history
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Search for insights, analyze Big Data and customize your audience questionnaire. Leave your Name of the Company (required), email (required), and a phone number, so we get in touch with you.
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Low-Code Developer
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Social research Expert
Marta Naumova